A place for Great Lakes surfers to connect

Through the portraits of three Wisconsin surfers, this short documentary explores the shared passion for Great Lake surfing that drives a group of surfers to seek that next freshwater wave.

Many thanks to all who participated in the making of this documentary especially our three subjects. Surf on!

Creators - Joseph Ward and Alex Agnant
Editing - Joseph Ward
Cinematography - Alex Agnant
Additional Photography - Rusty Malkemes, Andrew Hertel, Jim Mcllvaine

"Led By the Dress Colored in Red" - Agustus Bro & Gallery Six
"Further" - Built By Animals
"What True Self Feels Bogus, Let's Watch Jason" &
"That Kid in Fourth Grade who Really liked the Denver Broncos" - Chris Zabriskie
"Friends...Home" - Dave Merson Hess
"Safe in Glass Houses" & "Collapsing Time" & "Losing Love" - Dexter Britain
"Pony" - Gillicuddy
"Alive" - Jahzzar
"Opening Credits" - Johnny Ripper
"01 Sneeuwland" - Oskar Schuster
"Blue" & "Epiphany" - Podington Bear
"Blackroad" - Gregory Delannoy

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