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Hey all... long time fan of surfing... new to the site... I have been messing around with wakeboard and wakesurf setups for the past few summers. I want to fulfil a lifelong dream of getting barrelled and I am wondering if anyone knows of any spots on georgian bay during the summer months? 

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We share the dream dude. I know of one spot that has potential but the locals keep it pretty well guarded. I'm planning on building an artificial reef someday, when people wake up and the community starts showing its support. I started scoping out spots suitable for a rock reef. The potential for barrels is there, I've seen it. And once people realize artificial reefs can help with erosion (which is a growing concern for next year), then you have people willing to pay for the construction. I know of one natural rock reef that could make barrels but it would be quite the adventure to get there. I'm talking boats, camping on an island, and paddling half a km of open lake to the reef.

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