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FORSALE - Rusty Project 6'1 & Stretch Quadtail 5"11 - both Tuflite excellent condition

Good Day,

          Need to get rid of a few boards and will also throw in an FCS Travel Bag if anyone wants them both.  They are both in awesome shape and tuflite, so ideal for travel.

Board 1;

Rusty Project - 6"1 * 18.25 * 2.06 - All white/black tail pad 

- pintail with futures fins 

- Tuflite and excellent for travel 

- repaired nose, thanks to Air Canada other than that a few minor dings

- as good a shape as you can get in a used board

- wouldn't recommend this board unless you are relativly advanced 

- $550 

Board 2 

Stretch Quadtail   5"11 * 18.75 * 2.37 - Blue with purple tail pad 

- four fin fish with FCS Fins 

- tuflite as well and mint condition with the exception of minor crack on the tip, thanks again air canada!!

- awesome small wave board and or for wakesurfing

- $550 

I can send pics to anyone interested, I'm in the west end of Toronto 

Thank you,


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Here are a few pics 

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